Tender Shoots

On the way to the bridge I saw a man trailblazing for a yellow daffodil. As I got closer, I saw that he’d handed it to a woman he was walking beside.

“I guess he goes the extra mile for your love, huh?” I said as my son Rio darted by on his bike.

“He knows how to win a girl’s heart,” she replied.

“What’s that you got?” Rio asked.

“It’s a daffodil,” she said. “Want to smell it?”

Rio took a big whiff and announced, “It smells like a peach!”

The man smelled it and nodded to his wife: “It does!”

Rio and I left them to go watch the muddy water roar below and to see a great blue heron make gawky graceful.

When we walked back to his bicycle later, we found the yellow daffodil lying artfully across the seat.